250,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka.

250,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka

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DOUBLE WARNING! This product is NOT for the faint-hearted X2!


If you have tried our 100,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka, why not step it up a notch?

Are you ready for the hottest vodka ever?!

One shot of this vodka and you will be begging for a nice glass of milk and a huge piece of bread.

It is made with one of the hottest chilli peppers on the planet, Naga Jolokia, which reaches a solid 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale. While this chilli vodka only reaches 250,000 on the famous scale, it still gives the rather traditional seeming Tabasco a run for its money.

Be warned: Enjoy this vodka only with the utmost caution!

  • Volume (cl) 50
  • ABV (% vol) 40
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